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Services and Fees

Concierge Naturopathic Medicine

Constitutional Homeopathy / Diet/Lifestyle coaching for any and all health conditions

Package Components:
1.  First Office Visit (Remote - Video/Phone 90 min) 

Intake: A thorough intake that consists of  much more than your health history.  I want to know who you are - What are you passionate about?  What is stressful for you? How do you cope with your stress? The more you can help me to understand you, the better your results will be.

Dietary Assessment:  Using my mastery of Applied Kinesiology testing (remotely) I will determine which foods are good for you and which ones to avoid (temporarily).  The result is less symptoms, better energy and you feeling more like yourself.

Whole Body Assessment:  Using my mastery of Applied Kinesiology testing (remotely) I use a systematic approach to analyze all the parts of your body to determine what is strong and what is weak.  It helps me assess the proper course of treatment for you to efficiently heal.

Treatment Recommendations:  From the intake and assessments I will put the pieces together to formulate a targeted treatment plan, one that will address your chief complaint(s) and work harmoniously with the rest of your body.

Line of communication:  Much of the best work that I do happens between sessions via text communication and occasional phone calls.  Don’t hesitate to text me anything, any time of day or night.  I will respond as soon as I can and be available throughout the day to converse as much as you need.

2.  Return Office Visit (Remote - Video / Phone 45-60 min)

Follow up Intake
Dietary Assessment:
Whole Body Assessment: 
Treatment Recommendations:

3.  Recap Visit (Remote - Video / Phone 30 min)

Recap intake